The myth...
Privileged by blood.

Héraklés was a divine hero, son of Zeus and Alcmene. He was known for his supernatural strength and for being a champion of the Olympian order against chthonic monsters.

Being a demigod he had access to Ares arsenal. The God of war despite his jealousy for Herakles, for being Zeus’ favorite son, he provided him with the most Supreme god-made weaponry for his quests.

Through the period of the 12 labours, Héraklés came up with the idea of modifying one his armors. Hephaestus the God of blacksmiths, who was also responsible for God’s weapons, created an armor based on the intimidating shape of a bloodthirsty bat. The bat armor gave Herakles the advantage against Hades dark creatures that were lurking their pray at night. With the ability to sense the enemies out of pitch black darkness Herakles became the immortal legend that eventually defeated Ares after he challenged him unsuccessfully. It is said that in the final battle between them, Herakles was wearing his bat helmet. After the legendary fight Zeus ordered a collosal statue of his son wearing his bat armor to be installed at the gates of the God’s palace on mountain Olympus to remind everyone who deafeted the God of war.

The size is 25.3cm height and 12cm width (9.9 inch height and 4.7 inch width).The material is resin-marble dust.All statues comes in wooden box with authenticity certificate and they will have small differences between them to look unique.Orders will dispatched 2 weeks after the release.



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