First drop release will be 40 numbered pieces.The size is 25cm height and its made of resin-marble powder.The statue comes with an authenticity certificate.The release will be this Thursday 07/01/2021 at 20:00 eut and will be notified by email.


When Perseas went on pursuit of the Medusa, the gorgon with the snakes on her head,

Hermes the messenger of Gods gave him his winged shoes in order to be able to fly and have the advantage on the battle over her. It is said that Perseas had previously visited the oracle Pythia and she gave him a glimpse of the future.

She told him that after his win over Medusa he had to bury the winged shoes only to be found after thousands of years by a Supreme athlete named Jordan. They would make him the most recognizable athlete of the planet in a game called basketball and he would be known as AIR-JORDAN the athlete that defied gravity!

Reproduced from the original designs found in the sacred scrolls of Delphi oracle


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